Çatalhöyük Update #2: Works in-progress and fun with Play-Doh

I’ve now been at Çatalhöyük for two and a half weeks and have a couple of illustration projects on the go.

Screen shot of my experimental houses cutaway in progress.

Screen shot of my experimental house cutaway in progress.

The first is a cutaway view of 4 Çatalhöyük experimental buildings which will be built this summer for site visitors to explore. We already have one experimental house, built in the early 2000s. Three of the new buildings will be based on ones excavated by James Mellaart in the 1960s and the forth will be a composite of different features found both in the Mellaart and current excavations. I actually completed a version of this illustration last summer but there have been some changes to the building plans. I am updating the illustration to reflect them. It’s been quite challenging to pour over Mellaart’s publications and photos, trying to gather enough detail to create a scaled isometric reconstruction of the buildings.

An in-progress reconstruction  of aurochs feasting.

An in-progress reconstruction of a large feast at Çatalhöyük .

I’ve also been working on a reconstruction of a large feast taking place off-site. The image depicts a group of people (90+) feasting on a recently killed aurochs. They’re located in the KOPAL area, an area excavated in 1999 just to the north of the mound. It’s a complicated image with lots of people and data to cram in and a tight deadline. I was having a bit of trouble envisioning the partially butchered aurochs that I’m placing in the background so I resorted to stealing Play-Doh from one of the kids on site and making a couple of models. (Don’t worry, I returned the Play-Doh after).

Modelling aurochs butchery with Play-Doh.

Modelling aurochs butchery with Play-Doh.

I’ll post the final versions of these illustrations when they are finished. I should also have some artifact illustrations to share soon. The excavations are gathering steam and a lot of new material is coming off the mound.