Analogue to Digital and Back Again, Part II

My second post about analogue and digital technologies in archaeological illustration is now up at the popular sociocultural anthropology blog The first post can be found here.



….ooooo, anyone here? It’s been quite a while since I last posted (2 years). If you are, I am starting to post again and am in the middle of migrating this blog over to my newly re-designed webpage. Until that process is complete, I have a guest post entitled “Analogue to Digital and Back Again, Part I” up at in which I discuss the role of analogue and digital in my work. I’ll also have a second post up in a couple days. These posts of part of an Analogue/Digital series organized by Dr. Colleen Morgan and Dr. Sara Perry.

And I promise not to disappear for two more years!


Welcome to my newly minted blog.  I’ll be using this space to share completed illustrations, works-in-progress and, like a magpie, anything sparkly that catches my eye.