Back in Field

Tools of the trade, waiting to be organized and put to use.

Tools of the trade, waiting to be organized and put to use.

Once again I am back on the Konya Plain, organizing my pens and brushes. I arrived at Çatalhöyük this past Tuesday for my 11th field season (7th as illustrator). Excavation on the Neolithic East Mound starts tomorrow. I’m on site for 6 weeks this summer, a shorter period than usual, but I still have lots to work on. I’ll be drawing newly excavated artifacts, finishing up some reconstructions for an upcoming publication, digitizing a bunch of wall painting recordings from recent years, and inking a backlog of illustrations. I’ll post some of this work here over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, take a look at some other images and visualizations of Çatalhöyük. Jason Quinlan is the site photographer and he takes beautiful shots of the artifacts, excavations, and people of Çatalhöyük (you can see a photo of me holding a kitten in the portrait section). And Grant Cox, who completed his MSc in Virtual Pasts at the University of Southampton, has created a 3D reconstruction of the Hunter’s Shrine from the 1960s Mellaart Excavations. You can see it here.

Also, for more archaeological updates on this field season, follow Dr. Scott Haddow’s blog “A Bone to Pick“. Scott is one of the bioarchaeologists on site and he’ll be blogging about all things skeletal throughout the season.

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